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Leading international experts will answer your questions. No matter how silly you think they are.
Why are Vatican museums in plural?
Why do you bathe the red horse?
How does it work?

Every week we will discuss a new theme. It can be art of Rafael or Picasso, or something like "can you wrap a bridge in cloth and call it art".

For a small donation you will be added to a chat where we will post something interesting about the topic of the week.

24/7 you can ask any questions you want, and 5 days a week you will get every answer you've been looking for.

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Our experts
Vladimir Dubosarsky
Artist represented by Tretiakov Gallery, The Centre Pompidou, etc.
Ilya Pechenkin
Senior researcher at at Research Centre for theory and history of architecture and city planning.
Elena Guseva
Art-critic, consultant for the Centre d'Art d'Epoca Moderna research centre.
Dmitry Gutov
Artist and art critic. His work was presented at 40 personal and 160 collective exhibits all over the world, including Biennale in Venice.
Kirill Svetlyakov
Art history PhD, curator, specialist at the Tretiakov Gallery.
Andrey Sarabianov
Art history PhD, russian avangard specialist, author of «Unkown russian avangard. Museums and private collections.
Konstantin Plotnikov
Philology PhD, art critic, lecturer at RANEPA institute, culturology and social communication department and Higher School of Economics, humanitarian department.
Oksana Birbaumer
Art critic and guide in Vienna. More than 2000 tours around Albertina, Museum of the Arts.
Danila Bulatov
Specialist and curator at The Pushkin State Museum, Moscow. Second half XX century German Art specialist.
Maria Morozova
Art historian, curator, senior specialist at the Tretiakov Gallery.
Zoe Kuptsova
Art historian, curator of XIII-XVI art in Hermitage, italian art specialist. Curator of such exhibits as "Federico Bartocci. Paintings from the Ufizi Gallery", "Studying Michelangelo", "Rafael Line: 1520-2020".
Olga Shishko
Art historian, curator, lecturer. Founder of MediaArtLab. Head of film and media art at The Pushkin Museum, Moscow. Leading media art specialist in Russia.
Julia Ryzenko
Channel curator. Historian, Art Historian, guide, photographer, journalist.
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